Waste is arguably one of the most significant problems facing society today.  As our population continues to grow we are spending more money and energy to transport an increasing amount of waste to our landfills. Yet much of what ends up in the landfill can be reused and transformed. In this cycle, there is no resource that is squandered more than food scraps. Currently only 3% of all food waste generated is reclaimed by composting. But what if your food waste never left your kitchen?

The TerraPreta seeks to change the way we view food waste. Instead of sending it away to the landfill, the TerraPreta demonstrates that anyone can easily turn what was once “waste” into a valuable organic resource in as little as eighteen hours.  It achieves this shrinking the space needed for composting to a mere 6-3/4″ x 10-7/8″ chamber that can easily fit under your kitchen sink. The TerraPreta makes composting betta!