Campaign Chair

Take a replica Louis XIV chair and turn it into a folding chair using the mechanics of a French easel.

  1. disassemble the arms, legs, and seat of the chair then reassemble the pieces using new hardware; this new hardware will allow the chair to fold up for easy storage.
  2. attach wing nuts and handmade brass angles to the arms and back of the chair; this will allow the arms to loosen, release, and rotate 180 degrees.
  3. attach a piano hinge to the base of the seat; this will allow the seat to be pulled up then laid flat against the back of the seat when in folded position.
  4. cut the side of the seat in three places and attach door hinges at the seams; this will allow for the base to accordion fold inward.
  5. use furniture tacks to attach a man’s vintage belt to the back of the chair; this will allow for the loose parts to be┬árestrained while chair is in folded position.